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AV World believes that the combination of sound and sight has greatest impact on our everyday lives. Every moment provides an opportunity to encounter a new sound and sight. All of our projects are designed knowing that our clients are using their ears or eyes to experience our products.


We give our clients choices that allow them to make a “Good-Better- Best” decision for their project. The process combines what our clients want with they can afford.


The ability to invite our clients to our showroom so they can hear and see real working products allows them to make better, more confident decisions. Demonstrating our products in our perfect showroom allows our customers the time and ability to define their audio and visual experience so that our team can match the proper components for their experience.

sound and sight solutions

AV World has grown out of a passion for music and entertainment with compatible updated technology. We deliver clients sound and sight solutions by going through a professional questioning process to target what our clients want and then deliver to meet their needs at every turn.

custom designs

Passionately delivery electronic solutions that fit the needs of our clients and that vary from project to project have made us become a well-known company in this audio and video industry. AV World does very well into the residential market of custom home theater system designs, acoustic room systems and multi-room audio video systems. The design and implementation challenges of a home environment proved to be the perfect match for AV World. The company continues grow and prosper in both home and commercial markets. We offer the expertise of knowing which of those items will perfect fit what the client needs.

Choose by experiencing

Our Showroom offers a place where our clients can choose those items that best suit their needs by actually experiencing them in an environment most similar to where they will be used. We have simplified the selection process. Our Showroom has become a very comforting place to make a good decision.


Because AV World specializes in home and commercial audio and video design, we embrace new technology, evaluate it, determine how it works and match those products to our clients needs. The AV World team has grown into a team of talented audio and videophiles with integrated up-to- date network technology.

state-of- the-art audio-visual

Our Showroom is bound to thrill any audio-visual aficionados as it comes complete with its very own theatre room and cinema room, both which are furnished with comfortable theatre seating, impressive automation lighting control system, automation control system and multi-room audio and video system where, can discovered of true cinematic experience.


Also on display are a vast variety of electronics, speakers and other accessories that include high-range brands with certified home theater speakers, glass designer loudspeakers, invisible loudspeakers, advance 4K and up-scaling 8K home theater projector, and High Grade Cables. Most of which AV World is the sole distributor and exclusive dealer for. Besides specialising in state-of- the-art audio-visual, AV World also provides automation products and integrated networking operating with apps for residential and commercial projects to fit every lifestyle for demanding music lovers and as well as dramatic theatre clients too.

Hi-Fi System

The Hi-Fi system produces a balanced stereo image with negligible harmonic distortion, giving the music a quality of vitality and exitement.

Automation System

Home automation technology is practical and easy to use, with seamless, harmonized integration of your whole house AV systems.

Wiring & Integrated System

Our structured wiring methods give you the ability to distribute any signal to any room, eliminating the need for equipments all over the house.


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